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The entire team at Visu.ai shares the common vision of making people’s lives better through new technologies. We are always on the quest to improve our product so that it can bring more value to our customers.

Boring video into useful information

We live in a world rich with data but never tap into it. Take your CCTVs, for example - they capture thousands of frames every day but they simply go in vain for the most part.

What if you could extract usable information from these video streams for business process improvement, overhead costs reduction, and more?

That’s precisely what we bring to the table for you.

By combining bleeding-edge AI models with our team’s expertise in online payment fraud protection for global payment processors and e-commerce merchants, we have developed Visu.ai to be the next paradigm shift of real-time video analytics for your business and customers.


Driving Force: Helping You achieve business goals via intelligent video analytics.



The founding team at Visu.ai consists of experts in artificial intelligence, information security, and finance. With backgrounds in the best tech companies, the team has a wealth of experience in building products that make a meaningful impact on people’s lives.

Together, they founded Visu.ai with the goal of making your CCTV cameras more intelligent by giving them the ability to detect and act on potential threats in real-time and using recorded footage to analyze customer data for fine-tuning your store’s product placements and selling strategy.



Visu.ai is headquartered in Canada with the team scattered across multiple countries. Having a globally scattered team is a strategic decision to empower Visu.ai: to serve customers efficiently across multiple time zones, scale the company effectively when the time is right, and provide a cross-cultural experience for employees.


Chennai, Tamilnadu



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Get more out of video

Use video surveillance to reduce losses, streamline operations and discover untapped opportunities from day one.