AI driven Data Quality,
Risk Auditing & Anomaly Detection


VISUAI (pronounced visu-eye) is an AI based data quality, risk auditing and anomaly detection platform developed by Dion Research LLC. The platform automatically builds its metrics, models and rules with minimum user intervention. It provides results as charts, reports, dashboard and interactive visualizations.

It is available as a web application with dashboard and interactive graphics, or as a web API.

Introducing the –VISUAI– index. Tell your customers you mean business with this data quality seal of approval!

First and foremost, –VISUAI– provides an index that scores any database table or data source, in terms of overall quality. In the most basic form, this incorporates data quality metrics highlighting deficiencies within the data, due to missing values, inconsistencies, wrong data types, plain wrong values, or extreme variation over a time period (Completeness, Missingness, Validity, Stability).

Optionally, it provides a deviation index from a gold standard (Accuracy), while the extended index adds many other individual metrics (Anomaly, Bias, Uniqueness, Risk, Provenance and a few more, through the Risk and Anomaly modules, licensed separately).


A customer uploads a data document, such as a csv file, excel spreadsheet, or creates a connection to a database (single instance, or distributed for big data)or a URL source. The sources are analyzed by the AI to automatically identifies the source type, header, delimiter, data types.

It then builds data quality metrics, auditing rules and anomaly detection models developed exclusively for the platform by datascience expert Francois Dion. These can then be reviewed through charts, reports or email. The data can also be explored and potential anomalies reviewed in context, with AI generated descriptions.


Visuai is specifically directed at data governance, risk, data transformation or audit departments. It is also extremely effective for data science teams to get to know their data better before building models. And because of its self service interactive nature and level of automation, it has proven quite appealing to analysts in various fields.


Bad data leads to bad analysis, bad insight, bad models and bad decisions. Most companies do not realize just how far from pristine their data is, and do not systematically track it. Furthermore, because of HIPAA, PHI, PII and other regulations, companies are required to protect the personal information of their users and customers. How much of your data is regulated and how much is creating risk and exposure for your company? How much is just plain unusable? Using VISUAI will help you to figure all of that out and feel more confident about business decisions you take based on this data.

And above all, your customers will have confidence in your analytics, business reports, models or any other data related products or services you provide them.

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