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Make your business smarter with’s powerful video analytics, minimalistic UI and data-rich intel.

Theft Detection


You’re feeling overwhelmed with tons of raw video data captured by your CCTV when it can be used to hyper-optimize your offline business. But between monitoring employee performance and fulfilling customer needs, it may feel like a lot to do.

With, you can give brains to your CCTVs. By configuring custom checklists, you can pick and choose areas to optimize like maintaining inventories, identifying fast-moving products, detecting cashier theft and improving product placement in real-time.

Event Insights

With real-time analytics tracking and alerts, you’ll never have to worry about what’s going on in your business when you are away or on a break. Whether you’re at the office or on the go, you’ll always be in the loop.

Cashier Theft

Businesses lose over $50mn annually due to employee theft.’s AI-based computer vision and real-time alerts help you mitigate losses and tell you when to look without the need for 24x7 manual video monitoring.


Get a central monitoring hub for all your store branches on a single user interface with’s multi-store management feature. Login remotely and keep a close eye on all your assets simply with an internet connection.


Generate custom reports on incidents with the click of a button without having to hire more people. With all the data insights in one place, it’s easy to identify patterns and investigate potential crimes.

Integration Like It’s Meant To Be



Integrate your regular CCTV camera with through the intuitive and guided UI.

Configure the


Configure your setup from checklists and customize event reporting to your unique needs.

Go Live!


Receive alerts for the events that matter most to you. It’s that simple!

A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words.
A Video? Even More!

Your business needs video analytics to help you make better-informed decisions about its operations, expansion and more. With video analytics, your business and store managers can:

  • Detect theft and act fast with real-time alerts
  • Monitor employee performance and
    customer needs
  • Generate custom reports on incidents

It’s time to give your CCTV footage the intelligence it deserves with

Eyes in the

CCTVs installed everywhere. But are you truly seeing everything? Use a video analytics system, and say goodbye to manual video stream monitoring for hours.


Security is not negotiable, but you have a budget to maintain. Invest in fortress-like protection for your business at a fraction of the cost with AI-based CCTV video monitoring.


81% of customers find new products in offline stores. Analyze your CCTV streams for strategic data-driven decision-making and enable greater product discovery.


Do your people work in shifts? Track rush-hour trends and footfall to serve more customers with the same employees with the help of intelligent insights.


Have a large store? Have a small store? It’s the same for the software! With good camera resolution and coverage,the software can handle any type of video stream.

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