Features we offer

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Real-time alerts

You run your business. We’ll handle your workplace security! Bino identifies anomalies and warns immediately by generating an alert

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Cash theft detection

Detect counter thefts instantly and save petty losses.

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Fully customizable

One solution may not fit all; thus we focus on providing a tailor-made solution to fulfil your business requirements

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Reports and analytics

Get a summary of valuable information to better position your business

Video Analytics: An asset for
your business

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Centralised monitoring

One-stop solution to keep a check on livestreaming, hygiene, cash flow, footfall count and much more across all cameras of all branches from anywhere at anytime

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Optimise business process

Monitor employee performance, measure time spent on each task, observe operational usage of office space, etc. to improve business

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Analyze your customer

Interpret your customer to get valuable insights and cater to the varying needs by tracking customer journey, behaviour, gender, etc.

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Secure workplace

Provide a safe environment by notifying about wearing the safety equipment, reporting unattended objects, tracking unethical activities, etc.

Easy, quick and hassle-free setup!

"One of the biggest reasons for video analytics to become a technology of choice is its ability to seamlessly integrate with existing videos infrastructure - be it conventional CCTV and IP camera"

Connect your CCTV

Create your company profile and link your existing CCTV-IP infrastructure with our cloud-based secure location in a jiffy.

Add the checklist

Choose amongst a wide range of checklists you want to monitor across industries related to customer service, security or sanity.

Go live!

Welcome to the Bino Dashboard-a powerful tool to ensure high productivity and customer servicing leveraging our real-time video intelligence solution.

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