CCTV to actionable insights

Stop Cashier Fraud.

Cut Losses.

Boost Profits.

Stop cashier fraud, start boosting profits with Our AI-powered technology reduces fraud by up to 90% and provides 24/7 POS monitoring for ultimate peace of mind

Suspicious Activities can detect unusual cash handling, product movement, and high-risk product tracking. Our system equips you with effective tools to prevent fraudulent activities and safeguard your profits

Cashier Persona

Get a real-time view of your cashiers with our powerful persona-building technology. Our system tracks all the activities and behavior to give you instant insights into your cashiers' performance and potential risks

Minimize investigation time

Our cutting-edge dashboard streamlines your review process by focusing on what matters most. With a 360-degree view of your cashiers and transactions across all stores, you can immediately identify potential issues and take action to protect your profits

Critical incidents detected for our customers

Billed vs actual item mismatch

The video shows the cashier charging the customer for 4 products, but only billing for 1 on the POS system

Product void

The video shows the cashier deleting one of the three products sold to the customer from the POS terminal.

Cash activity

The video reveals cash being taken out of the drawer without any corresponding sale activity. The cash in the cashier's possession is also detected and monitored

Lottery scratch

The video captures the cashier scratching a lottery ticket, in the absence of the customer. There is no corresponding record of the transaction on the POS system

Seamless Integration interfaces with your existing cameras using parallel streaming protocols. Our
system is installed without additional infrastructure cost or any risk of obstructing operations


Get more out of video

Use video surveillance to reduce losses, streamline operations and discover untapped opportunities from day one

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